The web is falling apart

It snowed here a bit in Portland yesterday, so attendance is pretty light at work, and it feels pretty relaxed. But, it seems things are falling apart all over the place on the web. TypePad is having all sorts of problems lately, is having issues, and Bloglines is moving and their servers are down for a few hours. It makes it really hard to slack when your favorite tools are offline.

It must be contagious. has also had issues .

Update 2
Fortunately, Bloglines came back up fine. Though, I’d have to disagree with Michael Arrington about their service. It’s not very fast. They still haven’t fixed the problem with subscribing to the Feedburner feed for this site and getting the wordpress feed on my server instead, and I’ve heard nothing back in over a week since they turned the issue over to their engineers. However, Bloglines is still the best online reader that I’ve tried so far, so I’m sticking with it for now.

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  1. Definitely a weird week with so many services going down. Another site that you might like and enjoy to dare I say slack of is Perhaps you might find it to be a alternative. If you have the time to check out our site, I would love to hear from you. Mike

  2. Hi Mike, I’ll check it out. I see you have a bookmarklet, but I wonder if you have a Firfox plugin in the works? The more I use it becomes more of a replacement for the browser Bookmarks (in addition to discovery), as I can access them from anywhere. So, the browser tools provided by and Blinklist are going to become increasingly important.

  3. Well, it looks you guys are on it. Just noticed the Firefox extensions on the MindValley blog. Though none of the links work at this time. I’ll check back later.

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