A very successful day in blogosphere for the map.

Made the Digg front page and del.icio.us/popular page for the first time! (we got close to the del.icio.us/popular page for NetworthIQ).

But even more exciting was that Tim O’Reilly (yes the one who publishes all those books on your bookshelf at work), who helped define the Web 2.0 movement, posted:

“It is indeed interesting. A lot of apps I haven’t followed (and missing a lot that I have) so I can’t speak to how thoroughly it covers Web 2.0 as I think of it. (There are a lot of different aspects to Web 2.0, so this is going to be hard to do.) But it’s really interesting to see how many of the apps Ryan has selected are not in Silicon Valley.”

The other big piece of news was that Google itself mentioned the site at the JP Morgan and Connector Group Showcase last night (podcast available). That’s pretty cool, considering the presenters and attendees. (if any of those influencers and/or investors would like to know about what else we’re up to at Fourio, please contact me)

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