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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Came across your info via your post on Toru Takasuka, Lunarr. He is on my radar as well so will give you feedback as I find it. I have spent the last 18 years down in SV helping put together early stage ventures from the people/teams that can execute and turn a great idea into a tangible — extremely successful company.
    Being a native it’s been a goal to get back up to Portland and now we are here. My key focus in to increase the number of new Portland based open source software ventures and would like to see this are become a hotbed for SW. The VC community are still very SV centric and are of the opinion that the talent pool is limited which is not really the case. Developers are just tucked away keeping a fairly low profile.

    Anyway, wanted to connect and say hi. Also, one more recently funded venture which I did not see on your list is http://www.platial.com We have been helping them over the last few
    Months with a chief architect and others.

    All the best on your ventures and sure we will cross paths someday..


  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for saying hi. That’s cool that you got back to Portland. I agree, there are developers tucked away everywhere, including here in Portland. It’s great to hear that you’re working to promote Portland as a SW hotbed.

    You’ll be pleased to know that Platial is on the map.


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