I’m currently drowning in submissions. Perhaps email wasn’t the best mechanism for that, eh? Ahh well, live and learn. A victim of our own success. I hope to catch up by the weekend. There are many international ones, so that should start to satisfy some complaints about the map being too US centric.

For anybody reading this that has or is going to submit…. please include an address or a lat/long (just a url, or a url and a city doesn’t cut it). This is a location based map after all and at this point, with the large number of submissions to go through, I’m not going to be to very willing to track down your location. I beg you to make it easy for me.

One thing I didn’t anticipate, was the suddenness of becoming a Web 2.0 gatekeeper. Determining which applications meet some generally accepted criteria of web 2.0 is a big judgement call, and one I’ll be wrestling with a bit as this fills out. The web 2.0 debate is already pretty hot and I don’t wish the map to be an example for the critics/cynics to point at (any more than they already are of course :-)).

Stay tuned, there may be some big twists ahead.