I haven’t been very good about reading the paper recently. Mornings are usually spent working on my projects, then off to my job, then home with family and maybe a little more work at night. But, today I caught an article about a Japanese software entrepreneur, Toru Takasuka, and his plans to base his new web startup in Portland. Takasuka will be pouring $10 million of his own money into the project. The company name is Lunarr Inc., but he doesn’t go into much detail about what the product is exactly. This is the most we get:

“He says he will develop a Web-based product that will allow business people to handle their computer needs, boosting productivity through collaboration. Information will be accessible via anything from a personal computer to a cell phone to a television.”

Hmmm, can’t get much vague than that. But, based on his track record with Cybozu and its groupware, it will be interesting to see what the result is. It’s Good to see some things happening in Portland. As you can see from the Innovation Map, we’ve got a lot of room for growth.

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