Seeing that Edgeio is getting some pretty good buzz this week and ready to launch in a few weeks, I thought I’d comment on the name and it’s similarity to our company name, Fourio. Not that anyone would ever confuse the two. Because of who’s behind it (and its potential), they’ll be getting more press than we dream of and we won’t be competing or anything. But, I want to make it clear that Fourio is an original name.

Fourio, the name, was created by Todd almost two years ago now. He put it in the header of our team blog, and at first the response, to Todd’s dismay, was a bit underwhelmed. I thought it was the name of the WordPress theme. But, after hearing that it was the company name, I was like, “hey, that’s pretty cool.” Very unique and appropriate. The name sums up the fact that there were four of us (then three, now four again), taking ideas (input) and creating apps (output). Back then, there was a lot of input, but not much output, as is often the case when building stuff outside of your day job. With NetworthIQ and the Innovation Map, the output finally started to pick up and with the next project moving towards a prototype, we’re downright sprinting right now ;-). So, that’s how we came to be known as Fourio.