Or I should say what’s down, because it’s been down all morning. But, I guess since it’s not even 7:00 here on the west coast it’s not really all morning. I’ve just been up for a few hours already, so it feels like it. I’ve been trying to follow the conversation about Minti and niche Web 2.0 sites (ahem, such as NetworthIQ).

Mike has some interesting comments about walled gardens. In general, I don’t tend to buy his argument about aggregating content from blogs and not forcing people to enter content on the site. I think it’s a nice addition to be able to do so, but it’s not essential at this point (early in a product’s lifespan, the internet as a whole doesn’t really get it). It does get me thinking about NetworthIQ and our other projects and how we should reach out beyond our walls.

Mike, just so you know, NetworthIQ has all kinds of RSS feeds. We’re not perfect yet as far as getting data in and out, but I do agree that RSS is a good first step.