The last four days have been an exhausting sprint to get moved into our new house. Half the house is still in boxes, but I’m heading back to work tomorrow. The old house is cleaned out and ready for the new owners to move in tomorrow. It’s kind of sad to say good-bye to your first house.

Thanks to the incompetence of Verizon (we notified them a month ago of the date we were moving in), I’ve had no DSL in the new house and won’t until early next week. Tell me why the baby bells are allowed to merge back together? So they can abuse their customers even more. I’ll definitely be switching to Comcast for internet, especially with the deal at Comcast Offers. I’ve always done DSL in the past because it was cheaper, but with that deal, it equals out over a year. Plus, Comcast’s service has always been pretty good.

What else have we learned with this move? Nobody is never on time. Cleaners at the new house were an hour late on move day. Movers (had some larger items moved on Monday) were over an hour late. The post office is completely confused, with one person telling us it will be 7-10 days before we get mail at the new address, but then after catching the mailwoman today, she informed us that she was holding our mail already and waiting for us to come to the post office for a key. Would’ve been nice if someone told us that.

But on a brighter note, the Fourio team and family members were great and the bulk of the move went pretty fast on Saturday. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. Hopefully we won’t have to move for another 5 years at least.