Back in April I posted (or more like rambled) about some parenting/family sites that were popping up. In a stroke of really, really original thought (I’m being sarcastic here), because they were using what would generally be considered a Web 2.0 approach (collaborative, social, user-generated content, etc.), I called them Family 2.0. Since that time, a blog has been started, Amiglia is using it in their title, and now cnet is running a front page story on it.

Now, how do I say this without sounding petty…. I was essentially the first to publicly spot the trend, nearly two months ago, so it seems like cnet should have tossed a little credit this way (and an upcoming report on the same topic will be doing so). Rachel did in her blog intro, and I appreciate that. It’s disappointing that cnet offers no source and practically claims it as their own idea. Maybe I should’ve trademarked the term 😉 (inside joke for followers of the recent Web 2.0 controversy). Anyway, just remember, you heard it here first.