More Family 2.0 (I got dissed by cnet)

Back in April I posted (or more like rambled) about some parenting/family sites that were popping up. In a stroke of really, really original thought (I’m being sarcastic here), because they were using what would generally be considered a Web 2.0 approach (collaborative, social, user-generated content, etc.), I called them Family 2.0. Since that time, a blog has been started, Amiglia is using it in their title, and now cnet is running a front page story on it.

Now, how do I say this without sounding petty…. I was essentially the first to publicly spot the trend, nearly two months ago, so it seems like cnet should have tossed a little credit this way (and an upcoming report on the same topic will be doing so). Rachel did in her blog intro, and I appreciate that. It’s disappointing that cnet offers no source and practically claims it as their own idea. Maybe I should’ve trademarked the term 😉 (inside joke for followers of the recent Web 2.0 controversy). Anyway, just remember, you heard it here first.

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  1. Hey Ryan — we’ll testify for you on that! We’re a little wary of all these 2.0 markings and are still a bit nervous to go about with that in the title, but the press seems to “get it”

    Thanks for the inclusion and the phrase

    Paul Berry

  2. Hey Ryan,

    Lets do something together on this – A friend of mine interviews CEO and founders on Web 2.0 sites and sometimes interviews in the niche Family 2.0. Why don’t we get together and set up a show with us three talking about the space. You coined the term in your blog, I started to evangelize the space and my friend interview’s them in Podcasts, so I think it’s an opportunity waiting to happen, what do you think?

    Don’t worry all the info on the companies in the article was sourced from my blog, and that wasn’t mentioned as a source – I am not worried about this as the more work I do on this, the more PR will occur and in the end the space gets noticed. I am not saying I am an expert with dealing with traditional media, but it just goes with the territory. I think we just need to get profile and command presence just like Cnet and work on getting ourselves known.

    With the report you are talking about, when she contacted me, I was very clear that you were the one that coined the term and to contact you to find out more, which I would love to interview you and post on my site…and I mentioned that I can only be responsible for wanting to evangelize the space to get the word out there.

    Let me know, I think it would be a great to set up a Family 2.0 podshow together. I could definitely get some sponsors and kick it off.


  3. Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by. I’m not too worried about it, I know it’s a pretty easy jump from web 2.0 to family 2.0 for someone looking for a catchy phrase. Plus, you’ve done most of the work in pushing this space. I’m just trying to stir up what little controversy I can. Gotta make a name somehow ;-). I do appreciate you mentioning me for the report.

    I’ll take the podshow discussion offline and email you. I think you guys should definitely pursue this, as you’re doing very well with getting this area noticed.

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