Wow, as a die-hard Ducks fan, I can’t believe I’m actually thinking those words. With a win tonight finalizing their miraculous climb out of the loser’s bracket, the Oregon State Beavers have reached the final of the College World Series. Amazing is all I can say. I love college baseball, and considering OSU is the only varsity DI baseball program in the state I have been cheering for them and am excited to see them play this weekend. This is huge for baseball in the state of Oregon and the entire Northwest even. The U of O only has a club team for which I was a player/coach back in my college days, after not making the cut at OSU (and yet I’m not bitter ;-)).

Maybe Oregon will get a team again someday and we’ll have Civil War in baseball. But, until then I’ll be cheering for the Beavs in the springtime. Come fall, the gloves are off.

Good luck in Omaha Beavs!