It seems that Jot has removed our one page PDX Web Innovators wiki ( Why would they do such a thing? Becuase it suffered a major case of comment spam and that caused the page count to be exceeded for the free plan. Sounds reasonable? Well, I see a few problems here:

  1. The fact that it was so easily comment spammed
  2. The fact that comments are considered pages in their plans
  3. I could find no way to mass delete comments and I was not about to delete several hundred of them by hand.
  4. I replied to their automated warning (automated, but the from address was apparetnly an actual person, Michael Lee – about this issue and never got a response.

Even though this was just a temporary home until the group can build something, I am not happy with this outcome. Go use a competitor like PBWiki if you’re looking for a free hosted wiki.

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