Jot sucks

It seems that Jot has removed our one page PDX Web Innovators wiki ( Why would they do such a thing? Becuase it suffered a major case of comment spam and that caused the page count to be exceeded for the free plan. Sounds reasonable? Well, I see a few problems here:

  1. The fact that it was so easily comment spammed
  2. The fact that comments are considered pages in their plans
  3. I could find no way to mass delete comments and I was not about to delete several hundred of them by hand.
  4. I replied to their automated warning (automated, but the from address was apparetnly an actual person, Michael Lee – [email protected]) about this issue and never got a response.

Even though this was just a temporary home until the group can build something, I am not happy with this outcome. Go use a competitor like PBWiki if you’re looking for a free hosted wiki.


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  1. Dear Ryan,

    Thank you for the opportunity to reply to your post.

    1. JotSpot agrees with you: comment spam does suck! We are working to improve ways to thwart comment spam and wiki spam. JotSpot plans to change how we handle Guest Access wikis and will offer other features for combatting this problem (we are considering something like Akismet).

    2. Beginning with JotSpot version, comments are not counted as pages.

    3. JotSpot offers several ways to programmatically delete pages. It is possible to use the JotConsole or write one line of code to perform this action. More documentation is available at

    4. I apologize if you never received a response from Mike Lee (definitely a real person). JotSpot sent you three emails about your use of our service. The dates of the emails were: May 16, May 24 and May 30. Not sure what happened but when we thought we didn’t hear from you we cancelled your account.

    JotSpot is an exciting place- our team is comprised of really smart, passionate individuals. We also make mistakes sometimes. I am sorry for what happened. Please let me know if there is anything thing we can do to make it up to you. If you want to give JotSpot another try, we are prepared to offer you a Team level account, free for a year.

    We wish you continued success.

    Jim Haljun
    Director, Customer Support
    JotSpot, Inc.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I appreciate your reply. That’s great that comments won’t be counted as pages. It’s also good to know it’s easy to delete comments programmically. That’s the kind of info I was looking for and for better or worse could not track it down myself. I know comment spam is tough, but I am impressed with the technical prowess of the JotSpot team, so hopefully you can make some headway there.

    I’ll take you up on your offer and give JotSpot another try.

  3. I agree. Jot sucks. The page design sucks, the documentation sucks, support sucks. I wrote 3 emails to support, first and second was ignored, third one they responded by saying that they were going to ignore it because they were closing out all support questions! I’m going somewhere else. Jim why didn’t you respond to my questions?

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