PDX Web Innovators meetup this week

The PDX Web Innovators group is having a meetup this Wednesday at 7:00 (details here). With WebVisions starting on Thursday, this will be a good warm-up.

We’d welcome any of the out of towners coming in Wednesday evening. The Rose & Raindrop is not far from the Convention Center area.  PDX Web Innovators is essentially a group of web enthusiasts (developers, designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, etc.) who get together and talk about what’s going on with the web these days. People like Adam, Jacob, Ray & Kandace, Kelly, myself and many others have come out to the early meetups.

Hope to see you there.

Many people I read are coming to Portland this week, so I’ll invite a few by linking to them. There are lots of great people coming, so all are invited, these are just the ones on my blogroll.

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