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Is it just me, or is Picasa‘s red-eye tool amazing?  So simple, so powerful.  Even though I’ve wound up with several tools for accomplishing different tasks (viewing, storing, searching, printing, editing), when it comes to editing Picasa is a thing of beauty.

If you’re looking for a powerful, light-weight image management tool, check out my colleague Jesse‘s clickHappy.

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  1. I’m not so sure it’s that amazing. Simple, yes, but when I just tried it on a photo of my kids who were all a little flushed from summer activity, it tended to turn some of their cheeks black, too. And I can’t seem to zoom in to get specific on the pupil. Kind of frustrating. Not sure if there’s a better alternative. I recall using the ofotonow tool last year and it seemed to work better. Let me know if there’s a solution to this.

  2. Okay, I’m going to take back some of that. After a lot of contortions to get my old copy of ofotonow, I found it be only okay. Then I found the workaround for Picasa – http://picasa.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=17246&query=red+eye&topic=0&type=f.

    The Picasa workaround is very good and let’s me keep using a good product. So, while I don’t think Picasa’s red eye tool is amazing, it’s pretty darn good, especially at that price (free).

  3. I like the functionality of Picasa and have been using it alot for exporting, gmailing, blogging (blogger), collage…editing, etc…It is not perfect, but it is a great tool in the arsenal. Labeling and Tagging of pics and search functions around those are also great. I wish the Hello service on there had more uses than I can see.

  4. Perhaps I was bit too glowing about it, but I had just got done editing about 50 pictures and had found it to be rather easy. I just wish cameras could get rid of the red-eye and we wouldn’t have to worry about it. I agree, it’s not perfect, but for a free tool, it’s pretty darn good.

  5. Picasa is really great, but not the red eye removal tool. Sometimes you have to drag an eye like 5 times for it to have effect. And sometimes it doesn’t do squat. The red eye removal tool in Windows Vista though is awesome! 100% accuracy all the time. And it is much faster.

    Give it a try if you have the chance. If picasa could improve the red eye tool and have it so that you don’t have to apply every time it would be great. Less buttons the better 🙂

  6. Yeah… except it suffers from something that most people find is a bit of a problem with most Google products these days: it believes itself smarter than you.

    It’s great when it works. But woe unto you if you try to manually set those spots that require some work. If Picasa doesn’t think that spot requires work, it won’t process it, period.

    Using Picasa3, by the way. I’m getting a bit tired of the big G using everyone for beta products too…

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