No, not trying to suck up, just found that it was incredibly ironic proving one of his points from the Webvisions session. The point he made was that a person will try something out if they hear about it from two unrelated sources.

On Thursday night I was catching up on my Wired reading while taking MAX home. Flipping through, I caught a bit about a band called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, but didn’t really think anything more of it. They’re apparently some hot new myspace/web band, but I’m afraid to say I must be so old and out of it that I had no idea. Then Friday, while listening to the music panel at Webvisions, they mentioned this band like 10 times. They said they weren’t very good, but something about the power of MySpace/internet is making them famous without the help of a label. Any ideas what I’m listening to at the moment?