Another idea bites the dust

Last month I mentioned Cambrian House as a place to share business ideas and possibly have them devloped by a crowdsourced team. The idea I submitted there was a social network for health type thing and it got shot down pretty good unfortunately. The idea was in the middle of my idea list, and it was more an experiment with Cambrian House, but I still thought it wasn’t that bad.

Well what do you know, today I discovered OrganizedWisdom, which is a social network for health information (via Mashable). Time will tell I suppose, but maybe my idea wasn’t that bad after all, and what does that say about Cambrian House? Goes to show there’s probably always somebody out there thinking about the same thing. This also reminds of when Minti came out.

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  1. Ryan, appreciate the post..And obviously we think it was a great idea so if we had been part of Cambrian House perhaps we’d all be working together! Since we are just starting out, and we know we have a lot of work to get to where we want, we’d love any feedback or suggestions you have. Our thinking seems to be aligned and we’d love to get some fresh honest perspective…

  2. Hi Unity, thanks for stopping by. I agree that our thinking is aligned and I see a lot of potential in the site. The expert wisdom combined with shared wisdom is a very useful approach. Obviously, critical mass will be key on the shared wisdom to make the site ultimately really reach its potential. But, even the clean presentation and search of the expert wisdom (which is generally available already) is a nice improvement on the current crop of medical sites, which are often so cluttered.

    Not to get too buzzword centric, but I think a folksonomy (tagging) would go a long way towards improving navigation. Let users tag their wisdom cards (could be tags for conditions, symptons, treatments, medicine, etc.). The health library would also be great to tag (even letting user’s tag it), for instance tagging skin cancer articles with ‘skin’ and ‘cancer’ rather than navigating through 187 cancer articles. The search seems to be good though, so that helps.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested in this and other feedback as you work through the site.

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