Firefox 2 takes new measures against popups

Firefox 2

If I had to pick only one application to have installed on my pc, it would be Firefox. I live in it for a good chunk of the day, and am extremely hesitant to install anything else (with the exception of development servers and some programming tools). That’s the power of the web, you can do almost anything in a browser now days.

So, it was with great excitement that I updated to the new Firefox release a couple weeks ago. There are definitely some great features, first and foremost is the spell-checker (getting close to saying goodbye to Word forever) and second , improved tabbing. But there was one subtle change that is a rather large blow to pop-up windows. I don’t mean pop-ups in the bad way, when used for ads. I mean when purposely used for an application, such as the one I’m currently developing where the pop-up allows the user to monitor information while still using the main application. IMO, it would be very awkward to use a div-window within the main document. So, the change?

Note the “Raise or lower windows” option in the javascript settings. You can no longer bring focus to a opened window by default. The user has to grant this permission. Fat chance of relying on a user setting. So, my workaround is to close and open the window again when trying to bring it to focus. This is doable, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to save off the coordinates of the opened window before closing it. Still some more research for that one to get a nice cross-browser solution.

Anyway, couple the focus issues with the title bar issue discovered by a co-worker, and it really seems that FF is pushing hard against pop-ups.

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  1. What irks me, is that, on my tuned up Firefox 1.5.x

    – I never once saw a popup
    – It took a while to load (many extensions)

    Now, Firefox 2.0 because my HDD died (I would never have upgraded else, I had tab management)

    – I saw popups immediately, people using onClicks to trigger ads, NEVER got past my previous FF
    – Seems to take longer to load and I have only 1 extension installed now (download videos)

    What really @&EY*&[email protected] me off, is that, despite all this trite crap that bloggers spew forth, there is no discussion about FF2, and nobody else as startled as I was that popups now work.

    FF is going to hell, too many dev’s jumped on and too much crap is being concentrated on. Putting non-standard launch icons may give the person who decided upon is a little trip to see their work going out, but pisses off 90% of the people who want to use the shortcut like a normal shortcut.

    I do like the new tab system, but there are some really annoying aspects that just rile me.

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