I’ve been avoiding Twitter like the plague, figuring if I got hooked it would be a major productivity dagger, even more so than reading/writing blogs. Jason asked if I was on Twitter yesterday, and I responded “nope and don’t plan too.” However, the thought occurred to me last night, maybe I can do something slightly different with Twitter.

I decided to start a Twitter feed for the building of NetworthIQ. Kinda like bare naked app did by blogging about the building of Amigo and what Steve Poland is doing now at Ringside Startup, only mine will be “microblogging” allowing me to make quick entries instead of long blog posts.

For some background, NetworthIQ is a bootstrapped, side-project, .NET, personal finance web app/service that launched in the summer of 2005. It currently is nearing 8000 registered users and I’ve recently re-committed myself to focusing my spare time to making it better and helping it fulfill its potential. Two new features (tips and blogs) have been launched recently and I’ve got some more cool stuff in the works.

If you’re interested in the business of web apps, or the technology of web apps (not necessarily limited to .NET, I will explore many issues) I invite you to follow the feed and participate in the discussion as I go along.

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