Blazers un-jump the shark

Amazing what a couple weeks will do for a team. The Blazers won the draft lottery last night for the rights to pick first in this years NBA draft, the most highly coveted #1 pick since Lebron James a few years back. Couple that with Brandon Roy’s rookie of the year win and I’m actually excited about seeing them play next year.

It’s been years since I’ve attended or even watched a game on tv as they’ve fielded teams that were terrible on and off the court. I’m definitely not alone, as the team has suffered huge decreases in attendance and financial performance. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that with this stroke of luck, the team should now have a city starting to get behind it again.

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  1. I was given 2 tickets this last season, and got to see the Blazers lose to Memphis right after the All-Star break. It was a down-to-the-wire, nail-bitting loss. It’s not like they didn’t have their share of chances to win. Watching them play, you could definitely see that their youth was both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. I’m not sure how adding Greg Oden could help that situation. I am very excited to follow it next year and see how it works out.

  2. I think having a really solid big-man will only help us, and it will require us to play better as a team to succeed. Having another Tim Duncan will free-up the likes of Roy to take the ball in.

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