Portland suburbanites avoid iPhone hype

I found this report about remaining iPhone stock funny. Despite the fact that there was a line 50 deep at the Sherwood AT&T store on launch night (I checked), the closest Apple store still has stock:

Stocks of iPhones were depleted at all but two of Apple’s retail stores by the end of business on July 4th. Only the Shadyside (Pittsburgh) and Bridgeport Village (Portland area) stores report stock when they open Thursday, July 5th. Estimates of initial iPhone supplies by analysts range from 700,000 down to about 350,000, not including iPhones shipped to 1,800 AT&T stores.

One of my colleagues managed to flip two iPhones on eBay for a modest profit that were purchased at the Bridgeport store shortly after they were released, and without having to wait in line more than a couple minutes.

I guess I’ll know where to go next time there’s a hot Apple release. And, no I didn’t get an iPhone yet, and yes I do want one. The real web, not some crippled mobile browser, in the palm of my hand wherever I go. Sounds like a dream to me.

2 Replies to “Portland suburbanites avoid iPhone hype”

  1. Interesting post man. I may get one eventually, but the price will probably drop in half over the next year, so in my mind there’s no rush.

  2. Funny about you suburban Portland-area folk not wanting iPhones. The line at the downtown AT&T store didn’t start until Friday morning, and even then it was one person long most of the day.

    If Apple has any say, I wouldn’t count on the price going down until the second generation.

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