It must be time to start a Sherwood Web Innovators group now that it’s been named the #18 best place to live in the country (and top Oregon city). Well, we’re probably not that far along yet, but maybe someday. Here’s the write-up:

Like much of the Northwest, Sherwood is home to an array of beautiful parks and natural beauty. But the quickly growing commercial sites of Sherwood offer true insight into the town’s character: a juxtaposition of old and new, with reverence toward both the city’s historic past and its bright, expanding future. The community events calendar is always full and the town’s location makes for a fairly easy commute to nearby Portland. -A.B.

As much as I complain about living so far out, Sherwood does indeed have a nice community feel to it, the downtown/old town area has a great throwback vibe, and there are nice parks and sports facilities. I grew up in a town of only a couple thousand people, near Eugene, and that was definitely too small for me. But the 15,000 population range, while near a bigger city is an appealing mix. Plus, you can have a decent backyard. That makes it great for families.

If you don’t have a family, you would probably go crazy in this town. I’m betting there is a picture of Sherwood in the dictionary next to the definition of “suburbia.” I can’t believe the “fairly easy commute” line from the author. Say what? Personally, I think Sherwood is by far, the most difficult commute of the west-side suburbs (Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Hillsboro). There are minimal mass-transit options (nowhere near MAX, one bus running up HWY 99), and driving down Tualatin-Sherwood road to I-5 is one of the most aggravating stretches of road you will ever travel. I know a lot of people make the commute, but I would never refer to it as easy.

But, it’s great to see the city get some exposure, perhaps we’ll get some better restaurants now. One can only eat at Red Robin so many times.