Hello iPhone

This post was published on my iPhone. Turning 30 isn’t so bad with this in my hand. Be sure to leave your favorite iPhone apps in the comments.

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  1. My favorite iPhone-related app so far has been Filemark Maker—allows you to save PDFs, images, etc to the iPhone via a data:// URI (or is it URL? I can never remember.); circumvents the whole “email yourself a PDF” business.

    Leaflets have been great when on the EDGE network (and when not) because it’s pretty well optimized for the lack of bandwidth.

    Lastly, LifeClever had a great post on some bookmarklets you can sync up via Safari for added functionality.

  2. That’s $500 that isn’t going into Noah’s college fund!

    Congrats on the new toy. So far I’ve been able to hold off.

  3. Leaflets looks great. The app list is a gold mine of shortcuts, and the feeds app is more user friendly than having many bookmarks to individual feeds through the iPhone reader. I just wish you could import an OPML or something, adding feeds individually is sort of a pain.

  4. I’ve read some people are happy with Newsgator’s new online offering, it has an iPhone-optimized interface and if you’re a NetNewsWire user (as I am), it syncs read states.

    I haven’t used it since they updated the interface for the iPhone but did try it 4 days prior and hated it. Not to mention it makes NetNewsWire run slower, something that app definitely doesn’t need any help with. (Although the upgrade to 3 has been quite nice.)

    My biggest beef was that it didn’t keep my feeds in the same order / grouping that I have in NNW; with hundreds of feeds, organization is pretty important IMHO.

    I figure between the 10 or so video podcasts I’m subscribed to, leaflets and FilemarkMaker, I can survive without mobile feeds.

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