You may not have heard (or care much, but I do) that the University of Oregon is bringing back varsity baseball after a 28 (or so) year absence. I think it’s a wonderful thing, though perhaps 10 years too late for me, but still nice to not have to root for the arch-rival come spring time. You may also know that the Oregon State baseball team won their second straight national championship in a stunning run through the College World Series back in June. Their coach, Pat Casey is perhaps the hottest coach in college sports and it came to light this week that the Ducks had maybe tried to woo Casey down to Eugene with their deep pockets. The Ducks denied this report, but it’s still an interesting issue.

Kelly emailed me today and mentioned the subject so I thought it be worth a reply here.

I could go either way on this. For one, big deal if the Ducks tried to woo him, I don’t see that as an etiquette violation. Casey has built OSU into a dominant force, and maybe he’ll win another national title at OSU, but what if he were to undertake the challenge of bringing UO baseball to national prominence and succeed. Then he would prove that without a doubt he is one of the greatest coaches in Oregon sports (and college baseball) history. Nothing like cementing a legacy. He could always turn the job down if he chooses.

On the other hand, I’m perhaps one of the few people who do not like Casey. I can and do respect what he’s accomplished, but hey he didn’t let me on their team and I’ve been known to hold a grudge or two, it’s one of my weaknesses. So, to see a coach I don’t like, coaching my favorite team would not thrill me. If it turns out as reported and the Ducks start with a fresh name with Oregon roots, I think that would be outstanding.

Let Civil War rage year round now. Though since the Ducks will probably suck the first couple years, at least we’ll crush the Beavers with our competitive cheerleading team (the other sport added along with baseball, which just so happens is only the 2nd competitive cheer team in the country). On the plus side for me, whenever it comes up that I played and coached baseball at the U of O, it’ll sound a heckuva lot more impressive without knowing that it was Club Baseball.