Help me name a new site

I’m trying to nail down a name for my newest project. But since most of the names I thought of are taken or too expensive, I need a little help.

BTW, if you’re searching for a good name, be sure to add Bust A Name to your toolbox, I can’t say enough good things about it.

8 Replies to “Help me name a new site”

  1. Hey Kathy. I wish I had metrobuzz. It’s the shortened version “metbuzz” that was available. I should inquire about metrobuzz though.

  2. Thanks for comment Ben. I like what you’ve done with pdxstump, I even posted it on a couple weeks ago. I’m coming at it a little bit different but I know we’re all (goboz included) trying to come up with cool ways to find local stuff on the web. Mine’s mostly an experiment, not sure where it will go, but I liked the single page aggregator idea and ran with it to see how well it scaled to any city I want to include. So far I’ve got 53, some with better/more interesting content than others, and it should be able to grow from there.

  3. I’m going with LocalSignal, but I’ll throw out a few other that are available. or (combine metro + radar/sonar)

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