Occaisonal Round-up

Local Signal

Continuing to fill out the local content (mainly news, biz and sports) for all the cities in Local Signal. In marketing news, the site was added to the Programmable Web mashup directory which helped drive a nice amount of users this week. There’s a great new logo, produced by Craft Is The New Black. Turns out there are brother-n-laws who are in fact good designers. It’s pretty cool to be sitting around with the family and get some real progress made on a project. Those usually don’t go together very well. Popular items coming this week I hope.

PDX Web innovators

We had a great meeting last week with Kevin, Michael, and Bryan (sp all ok?) from StepChange giving us the ins and outs of widgets, the economy around them and the development of them. Like others have commented, I thought it was one of most productive discussions yet, with the brains cranking on great new ideas. Justin has the round-up, and be sure to take a look at his excellent new design while you’re there.

Ignite Portland

The popular Ignite series is coming to Portland this month. Looks to be a fun night.

3 Replies to “Occaisonal Round-up”

  1. Hey Zack, good to hear from you again, been a while. Good thought, I suppose I should put together some ideas on a widget and/or facebook app, hadn’t really thought much about it yet though. NetworthIQ would be nowhere without its blog badge, so I’m all for them.

  2. Widgets are definitely good for business alright. I developed a few for GrapeShow but who knows if they’ll ever see the light of day.

    Let me know if/when you build a “Portland News” widget and I’ll throw it on my blog. Keep up the good work!

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