Is it hot in here? Apps to help your macbook laptop stay cool

Working at Strands has presented the unique opportunity to work in an all Mac shop, which is fun seeing all the MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs around the office when I’m there. But, as many people quickly discover, these things get HOT, like burn your lap and destroy your child producing ability hot (not to mention the possible damage to the hardware itself). The question was posed at work with the ultra modern social media tool of “send email to whole company” about how to keep things cool. Based on the responses, seemed like information worth sharing.

Three apps were mentioned as ways to help boost the fans and monitor temperatures:

I installed smcFanControl and even after a day noticed pretty significant temperature reduction.

But, I was also reminded of a discussion on Stack Overflow a couple weeks back where Joel recommended an alternative approach to the heat problem, undervolting the CPU, with CoolBook.

So, there’s some options, and make sure you do some research first, wouldn’t want you doing any damage or voiding any warranties or anything.

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  1. Here’s a random suggestion. Get a chillow:

    We got a couple a few years ago for their intended purpose because I love a cool pillow sheet. Turns out that a chillow full of water makes the pillow too heavy.

    So one hot day Dana decided to put the chillow under her laptop. It’s the best way we’ve found to keep both you and your laptop cool. On a hot day, put the chillow in the fridge to both cool you and your computer down.

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