I’ve been reading and hearing great things about Pandora. One co-worker referred to it as “ear crack” and I can definitely see why. It’s fun to plugin you’re favorite artists and songs and see what’s related. A nice legal way to listen to music.

The web is falling apart

It snowed here a bit in Portland yesterday, so attendance is pretty light at work, and it feels pretty relaxed. But, it seems things are falling apart all over the place on the web. TypePad is having all sorts of problems lately, is having issues, and Bloglines is moving and their servers are down for a few hours. It makes it really hard to slack when your favorite tools are offline.

It must be contagious. has also had issues .

Update 2
Fortunately, Bloglines came back up fine. Though, I’d have to disagree with Michael Arrington about their service. It’s not very fast. They still haven’t fixed the problem with subscribing to the Feedburner feed for this site and getting the wordpress feed on my server instead, and I’ve heard nothing back in over a week since they turned the issue over to their engineers. However, Bloglines is still the best online reader that I’ve tried so far, so I’m sticking with it for now.

Email beta smackdown begins

As of today, I am now using the big three email betas: Gmail, Windows Live Mail Beta, and Yahoo! Mail Beta. I have entirely too many email accounts, but it’s interesting using the different clients. I’ve been using Gmail heavily for a couple months, I just switched to the Yahoo! mail beta last week, and to the Winodws Live Mail Beta today. I’ll spend some time analyzing the three over the next few weeks and see which one comes out on top. First impressions are that the Gmail is great, Yahoo! rocks, and Windows Live Mail needs some work.

I hate sounding so negative all the time about Microsoft stuff, as I’m currently working with the .Net technology stack. So, I’m going to try to find some positive Microsoft stuff to talk about as well. I don’t have anything against Microsoft really, but the other guys are just doing a better job right now. I can tell you that Windows Live Mail is still better than Verizon’s webmail product. See, positive already.