I’ve pretty much wrapped up the move over to WordPress here from my old home. I think I’ll leave the Blogger posts over there for now, as WordPress’s blogger-import process is less than ideal. Isn’t there a Blogger API? Why do I need to publish all of the Blogger articles to my WordPress server and give up my blogpot address that gets some decent search engine traffic? Maybe there is a better import script out there? Of course that’s as much of a problem with Blogger’s either/or publishing process (once you switch to ftp publishing, you lose the address) as with the import script.

I used WordPress for a project over a year ago, and had no complaints about it. But, that was before I started blogging publicly, so it’s interesting to see it again. Blogger has a better entry interface and better template editing (one file, as opposed to a number of files in WordPress), but WordPress still feels like a much more robust blog system with comment feeds, trackbacks, categories and plugins.

The final task will be to select a different theme.


I’m using the Almost Spring theme now. It’s very clean, and has the sidebar on the post page, which was missing from the default. I know it’s still a pretty common one, but it’s a step up from the default one, uniqueness-wise.