Web Things Considered is a blog written by Ryan Williams, a web developer, technologist and entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon. My interests include software and web engineering across multiple technology stacks, startups, personal finance and Portland. Contact me at [email protected] or follow me on twitter.

As an internet entrepreneur, I find myself thinking up a lot of ideas for new applications and services. I have built and/or collaborated on building many ideas to varying levels of success:


  • ScoutZen – Scout people and communities with smart lists.
  • Hacker News Hiring Trends – Most popular programming languanges, databases, web application and software development technologies


  • Twitter List Builder (Chrome Extension)
  • Private Group Classifieds with True Robin
  • Place Signal – Track the most popular places in a city near you
  • LazyTweet – Automated Twitter Q&A aggregator (sold in 2010)
  • Local Signal – City based feed aggregrator
  • NetworthIQ – Social Personal Finance (sold in 2008)
  • Web 2.0 Innovation Map – Visual mapping of Web 2.0 startups around the world

If it isn’t clear yet, the web is my passion, and so I try just about any new shiny web application I come across. Some I love, others not so much. You can find me on these ones:

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