Business Week

Fresh off the buzz of the Innovation Map, we turn our attention back now to NetworthIQ. This is an exciting time at NetworthIQ headquarters (virtual headquarters that is) as this week’s issue of Business Week features an article (free right now) on personal finance blogs and NetworthIQ is mentioned. Needless to say, the rest of the Fourio team and I are pretty happy to get this level of exposure. First the NY Times and now Business Week. Two big wins with barely a penny spent on marketing (ok I ran a couple of Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing experiments). Maybe there’s something to this viral marketing thing.

It’s really funny too, because I was heading on a vacation to Sunriver (central Oregon) when the NY Times article ran and I’m heading back to Sunriver tomorrow for the weekend. I should really get to Sunriver more often if this keeps happening.


The article is free right now, though I don’t know for how long that usually lasts: