Just a couple months after Oregon State’s run through the college world series, another team from Oregon is making a run. This time it’s Murray Hill (Beaverton) shooting for the little league world championship, having now reached the US final. I actually lived in the area when I first moved to Portland after college and still work just down the road, so it’s a very close connection.

I think it’s awesome they’re doing so well. But, there needs to be some sense talked into those coaches, letting a 13 year old throw 115 pitches or whatever it was in Monday’s game. Yeah, Jace Frye is a great pitcher, it would just be shame to see his arm finished before he even gets to high school. I can understand this being a once in a lifetime opportunity, and doing what you gotta do to win, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere.

BTW, did you see that 13 year-old from Saudi Arabia who was 6’8″? Unbelieveable!