Football is in the air again and that means I can root for the Ducks again instead of congratulating the beavers. Like most Duck fans, I was a bit delirious on Saturday after the big win over Oklahoma. Honestly, I had pretty much given up hope after Dixon’s second interception. I mean, how are you supposed to win the game if your offense can’t stay on the field for more than a play or two? But, I kept watching, because who knows, right? Well, the unthinkable happened and the Ducks scored 14 points and blocked an OU field goal in the last 1:22 of the game.

Now, they had a little help from a disputed onside kick. Well, as there usually is, there’s more to the story about why the play was not overruled by the replay official (sorry for the annoying oregon live survey, they really need to get rid of that). Turns out the replay official may have got the video late, didn’t have the same angles as ABC did, and was being pressured to make a call. In such situations, the replay official goes with the call on the field. Seems logical to me. Sure, if it happened to my team, I’d be pissed. Still, I’m not going to feel guilty about this win, because Oklahoma choked at the end giving up those two touchdowns and geting the kick blocked. They still had plenty of opportunity to win the game even with the bad call.

But, to me, the most interesting thing from that article was that the replay offical is paid $400 a game. So, you spend all this money implementing replay, for which decisions can mean millions of dollars in bowl revenue, and you pay $400? Something doesn’t seem right about that.