Portland company LUNARR, cut through the TechCrunch40 noise nicely this morning with their release. Silicon Florist has a good roundup.

This is interesting to me, one because I love trying collaboration tools and two, because I noted LUNARR way back last february and for the longest time, I was getting a good chunk of my paltry traffic from google searches for Toru Takasuka, the CEO. I’ve now been relegated to page 3 of the google results.

So, now that LUNARR is out, let’s look at the description from back then:

“He says he will develop a Web-based product that will allow business people to handle their computer needs, boosting productivity through collaboration. Information will be accessible via anything from a personal computer to a cell phone to a television.”

The collaboration part is definitely there, and I see some interesting things there. The whole “turn the page over” idea is kind of cool, and importing web sites to comment on was a nice touch. We’ll see how the cell phone and television part plays out.

If you want an invite, let me know.

3 Replies to “LUNARR Launch”

  1. I was hoping that I could get an invite to Lunarr. I am intrested in seeing how this may improve the workflow between myself and my business partner.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello, I’m interested in lunarr.
    It seems to very usefull for making intellectual products.
    I hope you invite me.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    I’d like to try out Lunarr. If you have any invites left can you please send me one?


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