Events to keep an eye on

The next couple weeks are going to be busy around these parts and just wanted to share some of the events I’m planning on attending. WebVisions Always one of my favorites and it’s cheap! Starts tomorrow. Strands Portland Meet-up Think Strands is all about Music and now Money? Think again. This meet-up will be a chance to preview the all new and meet more of the Strands team. Portland Lunch 2.

Breaking the silence

Hard to believe it’s been 6 months since my last post, but what can I say, I’ve been busy! Not only have I been silent on this here blog, but for those that I have talked with over the last few months can attest, I haven’t talked a whole lot about what I’m working on. Today is the day I get to tell my story. NetworthIQ has been acquired by Strands and I have joined the Strands team to work on moneyStrands, the upcoming personal finance solution.

Can I get a yay Windows? No?

The glowing apple is becoming ubiquitous. Is this indicative of the conference experience these days? First a picture from RubyConf held earlier this month: Reminded me of one of Jason‘s pics from Gnomedex this summer: I wonder how the audience pics at DevConnections (.NET conference in vegas 2 weeks ago) compare. Now, why didn’t I buy Apple stock when I first started noticing the geeks and their MBP or PBs back then?

New challenge – Web Reviews

I’ve got a new moonlighting gig, to go along with my own projects. I’m writing web reviews for Digital Trends. I didn’t really see this one coming but the opportunity seemed like an excellent one, so I’m giving it my best shot. Digital Trends is one of the best web business stories in the Portland area. Founded just a few years ago, it has bootstrapped its way to a thriving online business focusing on consumer electronics reviews and news.

Infrequent Round-up

When there’s some down time it’s nice to get a post out and then not worry about keeping up with the latest goings-on throughout the week so much here. I’ve pretty much gone the Twitter route for a lot of stuff I may have tried to turn into a post before. You can follow me there if you’re so inclined. Local Signal Had a couple days to myself last week and was able to wrap up a number of loose ends with Local Signal.