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Cleaned up the lists and added a couple of the newer sites. This will now be maintained in a new page for Tracking Web 2.0

Maybe it’s just because I made one myself and tend to notice these things more now, but it seems there are an over abundance of web 2.0 tracking sites popping up. However, there is still not a clear winner when it comes to providing a way of finding the best of the new online services. This weekend Pete Cashmore launched his Weblist blog which adds detailed reviews and user ratings to the mix. Another one that’s gaining steam is this list on listible which actually started back in January. The diggwatch blog has added a list, based on the Web 2.0 logo mashup. All of these go along with the previous set:

Web 2.0 Blogs (news/reviews/analysis):

Web 2.0 Listings

Best of lists:

These all serve their purpose in one way or another . Mostly, they are best suited for promotion and demonstrating the explosion of internet services along with keeping early adopters in the loop of new stuff. But, say I want to find the best calendar app with reviews, ratings, a screenshot, in a easy to navigate list. Where do I go to get that info? Seth Godin tells us categories matter, yet only eHub and Hinchcliffe’s lists (which aren’t perpetually updated) have some sort of categorization.

The blog format of TechCrunch, WebList, Web 2.0 Explorer, and Solution Watch is great for an initial review, but breaks down quickly when it comes to trying to scan hundreds of applications. TechCrunch does try to solve this with the occaisonal rollup of a segment. eHub is more concise and has categories, but lacks reviews and ratings. The innovation map lacks descriptions, categories and ratings. The listible list is also concise and has a rating feature, but lacks reviews, categories and editorial control, so at some point it will probably become worthless.

One of the commenters on Pete’s Weblist introduction mentioned a type site. That’s exactly right. What we need is something like Programmable Web’s api and mashup databases. These have a nice concise listing, with descriptions, creator, tags/categories, popularity, ratings. Take this and add a TechCrunch/SW/Weblist style review, screenshot, and comments to the detail page. Expose an RSS feed and a simple API to enable mashups like the innovation map. Then you’d have something great. That would really help people discover Web 2.0 apps of interest.

Since Weblist has ratings, it’s probably closest. Add a rollup page like Programmable Web’s, track click-thrus for popularity, and add tags and you would pretty much be there. Hopefully somebody will build this. If you’re looking to promote something or yourself, this would be a great way to do it. If not, I’ll add this to my todo list, but I really do need to focus on my other projects, so don’t tempt me.

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  1. Ryan,

    I’d love to add tagging/categorization to Weblist – turning it into a sort of Version Tracker for web applications. Ideally, people should be able to use Weblist to find, for instance, the best web-based calendaring application, or the best online storage service. Unfortunately I think this goes beyond my technical skill.

    If you, or anyone else, would like to work with me on turning Weblist into a more complete resource for quickly finding your way around Web 2.0 (kinda like Programmable Web, but for the apps themselves), please, please get in touch. I’m happy to write the reviews, but I think the tech stuff is beyond me. Weblist is on WordPress right now, but that can easily be changed if necessary.

  2. Ryan,

    We have been planning on doing this, and have a lot of the material for it done. We plan on creating something just like programmableweb, but sort of as a continual resource for more information on the new innovations that we are saying today. It is something we are creating out of the same frustrations you mention int your post. We also want to be able to have one place where people can find out who is involved in these projects, and more about those people, including podcast interviews, etc… Also providing a place to track the “buzz” related around the application, so it would provide links to all the other people talking about it. This way, it can be a resource that also contributes to the availability of information on these new products and service.


  3. Pete,

    You’re on the right track. We’ll be able to come up with something to make it more complete and keep it easy for you to add lots of reviews.

  4. Hiten,

    Sounds promising. You’re taking it to the next level by tracking the buzz for each app. The continual aspect is also nice, since these apps are continually releasing new features, keeping up with the feedback is a good window into the progress of an app. I look forward to seeing it.

  5. Check out. Best of Web 2.0 sites ranked by actual users. Drag & drop sites to desired spot in the list and submit rankings. Overall rankings reflect cumulative average of all user submissions. Recommend a new site as well..

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