Wednesday night was a very rare night for me with two events in one night (more about PDX Web Innovators in the next post). As is often the case with OEF events, I heard about the Seed Oregon PubTalk at the last minute (I’ve sent feedback to OEF that they need to do better at getting notices out of their events, with or something. I even signed up for emails, but still didn’t get anything about this.). Since I missed Angel Oregon, I really wanted to make this and see some companies pitch and check out the environment. The companies had to do a true elevator pitch, with no powerpoint or presentation tools. Out of the 5 companies that pitched, there were some interesting ideas. These were the companies:

  • Acquirit -Agricultue technology/software
  • IterationZero – agile software development tools
  • DOCUMAX Enterprises – Accounts Payable technology
  • ParaMedia – “iTunes for print media” was the analogy used (comic books was the prime example)
  • iKnoodle – Ad toolbar that benefits charities

Unbelievable, only 2 of these companies have a web site? I know they’re not exactly web companies, but sheesh, what year is this? How am I supposed to learn more about the company? Even if you’re early stage, it seems like a site would be a good idea. Throw a blog up at least.

Anyway, they all got some good questions from the judges and the audience. IterationZero got the most pushback, mostly because the pitch gave some pretty big numbers (i.e. 84% of software projects fail) but I think there are some good ideas there. Their angle is to help companies adapt agile methodolgies more gradually, by identifying the areas of agile most likely to succeed and starting with the easy ones. There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of “building to flip” in the web 2.0 world. That’s their business model, get something out and get bought by the IBM’s of the world.

I don’t know much about agriculture or Accounts Payable tools. But, both seemed like viable ideas. I’m not sure about the ad toolbar. I think I’d rather just write a check to a charity rather than suffer through intersital ads. But, who knows. The “iTunes for print media” idea seems like it could have many large competitors in no time flat, but if they can be first, all the power to them.

It was a good experience to go. I think it’s something we’ll aim to do with Fourio/NetworthIQ, perhaps for next month if we can get on the list. Although public speaking and I don’t exactly get along too well. So, Todd may get the call ;-).

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