TeamSnap – the northwest is on fire today

TeamSnap, a product of Portland-based SparkPlug is the second northwest site on TechCrunch today and is enjoying a much smoother launch than TalentSpring’s. I saw TeamSnap on Mike Davidson’s blog the other day and it definitely is a good-looking site, but didn’t realize they were local. Congrats on the launch SparkPlug!

I used to play a lot of sports and do a little coaching before I got bit by the side-project entrepreneur bug, but not enough to warrant the use of TeamSnap. I don’t think it will help my golf game much either. If I start playing or coaching sports again (which I definitely want to do), I’ll have to remember to give this a shot.

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  1. Thanks for the notice, Ryan. We’re excited about the response to TeamSnap. Many new features to implement and great ideas from our users, but we feel like we’re going in the right direction.


    Andrew Berkowitz
    Lead Developer and Ice Hockey Player

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