NOTE: when I started writing this, I thought the deadline was August 1st, turns it was extended today to August 8th. So, come back and read this next week I guess.

Enjoying your summer? Soaking in that Friday night feeling? Have that nagging thought in the back of your mind that you haven’t finished your PIE application for you great idea? Ah ha, I knew it. Since I’m one of the biggest procrastinators around, I feel your pain. But, wait, you say “I still have 3 10 more nights, there’s plenty of time to watch a couple shows on Hulu, get lost for a few hours reading blog posts, figuring what the heck PIE is, and maybe do a little coding, and then finish the application.” I know your tricks, that’s why I’m here to help.

All kidding aside, and even though I just moved to Colorado, I am here to help. I’ve enlisted to be a mentor in the upcoming session of PIE, joining forces with a who’s who of Portland and beyond talented technology, startup and marketing communities. Even if you don’t need my help, or if my help is no help at all, then you’ll still want to be a part of it to tap into the roster they’ve got lined up. Heck, I’m hoping I can learn a thing or two or a hundred in drafting off this group.

Let’s get to it, turn down your Spotify, Turntable, Mugasha or whatever the cool kids are listening to these days and focus.

What is PIE?

First, stuff you can read on their website, but I wanted to use the blockquote tag:

The Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) is a partnership among leading brands, technology innovators, and Wieden+Kennedy-the largest privately held advertising and communications company in the world. It serves as a hub for community, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking.

So, it’s an incubator, it’s an experiment, it’s got help from Wieden+Kennedy and a bunch of their clients? Yes, yes, and yes. But, I know you, you’re looking to do more research, so here you go:

How do I apply?

Go to the website and fill out the application

When’s the application due?

August 1st August 8th (great, there goes my whole procrastinator’s angle)

What’s in it for me?

You’ll get $18,000, 3 months of office space, and access to a host of nice folks that may know a thing or two to help. Like:

What’s in it for PIE?

You’ll give PIE a 6% equity stake in your company. (source). You’ll probably need to devote yourself pretty fully to this endeavor too, time-wise, but if you’re worried about that, then, well, maybe you just keep on bootstrapping. That’s reality, hey, it’s my reality.

Of course, if your team knocks it out of the park, then PIE can keep this experiment going into the next class or further.

What if I don’t get in?

You certainly don’t need PIE’s permission to build the next big thing. Prove us all wrong and make us write a “The one that got away” post.

There’s probably a ton of applicants, why bother?

What’s the first rule of business? Show up.

You’ll never know until you try. Plus, according to Rick, the number of applicants “hasn’t been blowing the doors off.” so there goes that excuse.

When’s that application due again?

August 1st August 8th (@ 11:59 pm, I checked for ya)