I won’t dwell on the fact that it’s been 3 years since I last posted. As I work on posting regularly again, it will be fun to revisit the last few years.

But, the occasion of moving half-way across the country is enough to stir the blog into action again. This past weekend, I made the journey from Portland to Boulder, Colorado, marking the culmination of a frantic few months of tough decisions and planning. After 12 years in the Portland area, we decided it was time for a change. So, in a a quick 2-3 month time period we went from, “what if we moved?” to thinking about where we’d move to, on to packing up and hitting the road for Boulder.

The questions usually come up in the course of telling people this. Why Boulder? Why leave? The short version: sun, software, and adventure.

The longer version… Earlier this year, we adopted our son from Ethiopia, our third child and second boy. Now, I grew up in a 3 kid/2 boy household in Oregon, I’m perfectly aware of the ups and downs. But, we just couldn’t take it. The kids need to be able to go outside and move and the constant grey was no longer tolerable. Plus, we’d always lived in Oregon, save for a years of college in Washington, so the explorer aspect was definitely appealing. Finally, even as I see Portland’s tech startup scene with more spark in the last few weeks than there’s been in years, the energy of the Boulder software and startup community was unmistakably electric, so what better way to check it out than to live amongst it.

Portland still holds a special draw for us though, so one never knows where this road will lead. I’m still working for my same company in Portland, will be back in town on a somewhat regular basis, am still working with partners in Portland on my side-projects and we still own our house there. Didn’t exactly cut the cord, eh?

That will segue nicely into the next post I think…